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What is Search Engine Optimization for Attorney Websites?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which increases a Website’s page placement in search engine results and subsequently increases potential clients viewing your Website and making the decision to call you. 

For example, a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney would want to appear as the first search result whenever a potential client performed a Google search for the phrase "bankruptcy lawyer help in Kansas City".

The search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing send out "spiders" or “bots”.  These are software programs that collect information from Websites and use the information in order to build a searchable index.  The search engines use this index when a potential client types in a question or phrase, looking for the most relevant, authoritative information for the search.

The formulas (or algorithms) used by the search engines to rank the Websites change often.  This helps to prevent spam plus also helps the ranking become more exact.  That is why search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

Tactics for Lawyer Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Keyword Research:  We perform keyword research which allows you to maximize your audience size with all of the right search terms targeted on all of the right pages. When properly implemented, keyword research gives you an airtight game plan to structure your computer code, content, blog articles and more.

  • Computer Coding:  Once we have established your target keywords, it's time to start implementing them. By using keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions, page content, page title, alt attributes and even your photographs, we can increase your search engine page placement rankings.

  • Lawyer Content Drafting:  Our lawyer writers will utilize our keyword research to drive our content drafting.  We also use our knowledge of Google, Yahoo and Bing current algorithm requirements to structure your content in such a way that it will aid in your SEO. 

  • No Copy and Paste Content:  Duplicate content is SEO suicide.  If you're repeating the same content on multiple pages, or if other Websites are using your content, you must take action to eliminate the duplicate content.

  • Domain Name Structure:  Even your domain name (your online name) is critically important for search engine optimization.  For instance, your domain name should contain real words, your keywords, and should be structured in such a way that search engines can easily crawl your site based on your domain name alone.

  • Link Building Campaigns:  Links from your Website to other valuable Websites aids in SEO.  If another business will link back to your Website, this further enhances your SEO.  It's not just about building links, though.  It's about finding the right links, both in terms of quantity and quality.

  • Backlink Review:  It’s important that the outside sources you link to are still active Websites.  Broken links will damage your search engine optimization and you’re your page placement.

  • Social Media Campaigns:  The use of social media can draw potential clients to your Website and enhance your SEO.  However, in order for a social media campaign to be effective, it must be persuasively and properly tailored to your audience.  

  • Google Analytics Setup and Review:  Google Analytics allows us to monitor your SEO progress, trends and growth, and to locate and fix any potential problems before they become an issue.

  • Our Server Analytics:  When we host your Website on our server, we can track hits, number of pages viewed, how long a potential client stayed on each page and more. 

  • Repeated Keyword Research:  Keyword research isn't a one-time exercise.  As your Website begins to build traffic, we will always be on the lookout for new and potentially valuable keywords.

We Serve All Attorney Practice Areas:

Whether you are a bankruptcy attorney or a family law attorney, at A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC, we are equipped to search engine optimize your Website with the latest in search engine algorithms.   

Call Today for a Free SEO Consultation: 

We create potential client friendly Websites that combine stunning visual imagery with search engine optimized coding and content.  Contact A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC, at 888-592-0LAW (0529) today for a free website consultation and learn how to make the most of your online marketing.

Front Page Guarantees – A Step Ahead of Our Competition:

We offer Front Page Guarantees, if you choose this service.  We will sign a contract with you that states we will get your Website to Google’s front page or your money back.  No questions asked.  No other online marketing provider in the legal industry will do this.  Call or contact us today for more details.

Customized Lawyer Websites:

We create customized, stunning and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Websites that provide a satisfying potential client experience and meet your law firm’s goals.  Your website is a digital representation of you and your team, complete with tone and personality that reflects the goals and vision of your law firm. 

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SEO for Attorneys:

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approach involves maximizing every part of your online presence to improve your search engine page placement and overall visibility.  Through our expert Search Engine Optimization, or SEO techniques, A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC, can improve your online search rankings. 

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Lawyer Mobile Sites:

Our mobile sites are “thumb friendly”.  Potential clients will not have to look at microscopic typeface on a mobile device.  No more scrolling to read content, and no more enlarging text to read it. And best of all, we have a “tap to call” button right at the top of your Mobile Site, so your potential client can call you immediately.

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 Social Media for Lawyers:

Your online marketing strategy can be greatly enhanced with the integration of social media platforms such as Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.  Let A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC, show you how we can help. 

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Microsites for Attorneys:

We offer another unique service:  Microsites.  This is a one-page site, built under a “keyword” domain that is fully functional.  Each Microsite is built to a specific legal service in a specific location.  This is more than just a “landing page” you may have heard about.  Microsites bring results.  Call or contact us today for more details.

Attorney Photography:

Maintaining a strong, professional image is important, and A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC’s professional photography services can offer your law firm high quality headshots, office photos, firm composites and other on-site photos. 

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Lawyer Video: 

Websites that include videos can obtain better online search engine page placement rankings, and A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC, has the tools to help your law firm get the most out of video marketing. 

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Email Hosting for Lawyers:

We offer email hosting on our email computer servers.  Our email hosting services are better than the free webmail sites such as Yahoo and Gmail because of several reasons:
The typical hosted law firm email address is in the format of
person@abcfirm.com. This gives your law practice a more professional appearance.
You have greater security through our private email hosting service than through a free Webmail Site.
     We also provide all the space you need for large attachments and file transfers.

Attorney Website Hosting:

We are a Web host provider that provides the technologies and services needed for the Website or Webpage to be viewed in the Internet.  Websites are hosted, or stored, on our special computers called servers. 

When potential clients want to view your Website, all they need to do is type your website address (domain name) into their search engine browser or type the keywords necessary to find your Website.  The potential client’s computer will then connect to our computer server and your Webpages will be delivered to him or her through their browser.

Content Drafting – By a Lawyer, for a Lawyer: 

Have you ever wanted to develop a Website, but not had the time to draft your own content?  We solve that problem.  Our lawyers are able to develop engaging content for your law firm’s Website, Blogs and even Video scripts, to offer your potential clients the information they need quickly.  And with our knowledge of current search engine algorithms, we know what content will aid your Website in being found. 

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Service You Can Count On:

At A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC, we answer our telephones.  We even give you our mobile numbers so you can reach us whenever you need us.  If there are emergencies with your e-mail or anything else, we will handle it expeditiously. 

That is service you can count on!

Attorney Video Production:

Of all of the Internet marketing tools available today, video is among the most valuable. At A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC, we help attorneys and law firms project their image to create the exposure they need to attract and convert potential client leads into clients. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for scripting by our attorney writers, filming, and editing, and are equipped to maximize your law firm’s reach through online video distribution and optimization.  Read more…

Attorney Photography:

Nothing conveys the personality of your law firm better than top notch professional photography.  At A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC, we understand the power of imagery, and offer high-definition headshots, individual photos, group composites and photos of your office, all of which will personalize your Website and lead to your greater connection with potential clients.  We also provide full-service photo editing and manipulation.  Read more…

Search Engine Optimized Attorney Content Drafting:

Website content is a critical element in your online marketing success.  Our attorney writers not only understand the substantive law in your practice areas, but they also know what is most preferred by search engines.  A Lawyer Marketing Lawyers, LLC’s well drafted content will help your website be found by Google and other search engines, maintain your Website high in the search results, provide information your potential clients are looking for and convert potential clients into paying clients.

We recommend that you continually enhance your Website with fresh content and pages with very specific valuable information even after it is launched.  Updated content is what search engines like Google most prefer in their current algorithms.  Read more…


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